The On The Go  Eyeshadow Mini’s are great for the on the go business professional  or the quick face look. Life is hectic and  I know you are busy . Taking  time out your day to do makeup is already a luxury . But luxury don’t have to take all day.  The On the Go Minis are great for carrying in your  purse. They come in 3 Amazing Palettes; Essentials, Sensation, & Simplicity.

Essentials- 9 high pigment  neutral shades. With 4 shimmer colors and 5 matte  . Great for natural , everyday , smoky , and full glam looks.

Sensation - 9 high pigment peach, pink, and soft browns . All matte shades . No glimmer shades. Perfect for that lip of color on the lower lid and natural or neural glam effects.

Simplicity - 9 high pigment gold tones and browns.  2 metallic shades , 3 shimmer shades , and 4 matte colors . No disappointment to this palette. You can create stunning everyday office looks, neutral glam,  and night out looks. 

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